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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Tag, Tag, Tag
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Family members: Parents, 1 Wife ( so far), 1 Son,1 Daughter, 5 brothers ( 1 POW).
Nationality: Kuwaiti .
Birthplace: Kuwait City.
Birthday: 07/08/1971.
Zodiac sign: Leo.

Eye Color: Hazel Brown.
Hair Color: Black.
Speritual believes: Muslim.
Sexual orientation: Well Oriented hehe - Straight.
Piercings: hommey dont do dat .


Favorite Food: French, Italian, Lebanese, Indian.
Favorite Drink: Diet Coca cola, Black American Coffee ( no sugar, no cream).
Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate ( Godiva or NeHaus brands.)
Favorite Color: Blue.
Favorite Number: Seven.
Favorite Animal:Parrots & Fish ( any animal with two legs hehe).
Favorite Flower: Tulip & Orchid.
Favorite website: www.google.com. ( google your way )
Favorite Messenger: Msn Messenger.
Favorite Stores: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Electronics stores.
Favorite sport: Scuba Diving & shooting.
Favorite sitcom: Seinfeld.
Favorite TV show: Jeopardy.
Favorite singer: Sade.


Location: Kuwait.
Studies: Bachelor Degree - Hotel & Restaurant Management, MBA, Master of Business Administration ( strategic Management Focus).
Writings: currently only blog posts .
Boyfriend/girlfriend: e7em, married :) .


Countries you visited: many to list, but ill try my best .. America, france, Spain, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Blugaria, Turkey, UK, Greece,Thailand, Malaysia,Singapore,Morocco,Egypt,KSA,Qatar,Bahrain,UAE ..
Smoker: Like a chimney
Done drugs: Beta tester
Night life or day life: Night Owl
Been to France: 3 Times
Anything else: asallem 3ala all bloggers hehehe
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