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Sunday, January 14, 2007
If you don't like it, knock it down!

Witty says:

Although I'm feeling much better *el7imdellah* (thanks for those who asked :)), I think I've got the bloggin' fever now. This is my second post in a few days!

What prompted me to write this time is just to share this hilarious clip that was e-mailed to me. Sharing is caring, you know ;)

Hello, is that the demolition place?!

(aham shai DUblin and the 'ballpark finger' LOLL)

Do you think we can do this to 'r National Assembly? They can't seem to get it right anyway! Hope they won't flag 'r blog in the name of terrorism!! (Fuzzy, don't hate me if this really happens lol)


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Friday, January 12, 2007
iPhone .. iLove iT

Witty says:

A very warm greeting to you all. It's been a long time since I've 'pressed a key' on this blog's keyboard. I've missed you all, but, unfortunately, I'm only here momentarily since the unusually cold weather of Kuwait has played a role in my sickness and, consequently, my abundance of free time. I still have loads and loads of work to do that I'm avoiding in the name of 'catching a cold'.

SO, after a warm cup of coffee and a couple of Panadol Extras and between a few sneezing episodes, I've decided to tell you about my current 2007 resolution. Nope! Not finishing my studies. That's given and a must! My New Year's resolution is getting the iPhone, which iReally fell in love with.

Not only is it 'preeeettyyy' (imagine me saying that while *blinking fast*), but it combines all the gadgets one may need on-the-go: "a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktop-class email, web browsing, maps, and searching". And all at the touch of a button, err.. a screen. Personally, I hate smart mobile phones. Why? Because they are stupid! Their wires get crossed by the amount of stored data that they slow down and eventually end up 'hanging' or even worse, crashing!

However, I've decided to give iPhone a chance, since it's so preeeetty *blinking*. Although I'm no gadgets freak, nor am I a technology expert, I did wonder:

  1. Which memory does the mobile fone use? iPhone or a memory card? (I know it comes with one of two memory cards, 4G or 6G. I think!)
  2. Does it reset itself, deleteing all stored data, when the battery is empty? (Battery life is ~5hrs.)
  3. I know Apple's Mac is far more intelligent than to crash like regular PCs, but will the iPhone's IQ reaches below zero by the amount of growing data?
  4. Someone said it doesn't support 3G! (lost the link, sorry). How fast is the internet browsing then?
  5. What is the resolution of the cam? <- being a girl, this was my first question, but I kept pushing it to the bottom of the list *lol*

I'm sure a lot of you will have more questions to ask and I bet if we, including myself, read the iPhone official site, we'll, most properly, get the answers we seek. But I'm just too tired now to do that and I do believe that التجربة خير برهان :) So, I'll let you know when I get my iPhone (after they add the 3G) along with my Wii (after they fix their remote controls) and try them myself!

Check out the Apple iPhone debate on ZDNet for those of you who are more cautious than me and won't just dive right in :)


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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Happy New Saddamless Year 2007
حاولت كثيرا ان أخفي بهجتي وغبطتي في بداية هذا العام الجديد، ولعل السبب في سعادتي لا يخفى على الكثير منكم الا وهو تطبيق عقوبة الاعدام على صدام حسين بصورة سريعة وعاجلة لم تترك المجال للكثير من المترقبين والمتابعين للامور السياسية الاعتراض على العقوبة، عدا الاخ معمر القذافي الذي يرى ان الاعدام يجب ان يتم عن طريق محكمة دولية، وانا اوافقه الرأي ولا مانع من اعدام صدام حسين مرة ثانية وثالثة ورابعة وخامسة حتى يتم اعدامه باتقان وفق كل المعايير الدولية والانسانية والدينية والسياسية !
وقد جعل الله تعالى في القصاص إحياء للناس ، وإن كان يبدو من ظاهره خلافه ، فقال تعالى :" ولكم في القصاص حياة يا أولي الألباب لعلكم تتقون" ، ففي القصاص منع لجرائم القتل والاعتداء على النفوس البريئة.
وقد يرى البعض ان جريمة غزو الكويت من قبل صدام لم يصدر فيها حكم من قبل محكمة عراقية وذلك لاكتفائهم بحكم الاعدام عن احدى جرائمه العديده، وان الكثير من الكويتيين من أهالى الاسرى والشهداء أرادوا ان يتعذب صدام قبل شنقة مثلما عذب فلذات اكبادهم، ولكن في نهاية القول، لقد نطق القضاء العراقي بحكمه ونفذ حكم الاعدام حسب المعايير القانونية، وهذه ميزة لم يتمتع بها غيره من الرؤساء العراقيين السابقين الذين مزقوا تمزيقا وسحلوا في شوارع بغداد.
أتمنى من عام 2007 وقف القتل والعمليات الارهابية والقتل العشوائي والطائفي في العراق وان يرى الشعب العراقي ان الفتنة الطائفية لن توصلهم أبعد مما وصلت اليه لبنان. فهل سيعتبر الشعب العراقي ؟ أم يواصلون تنفيذ مخطط فرق تسد... هذا ما سنراه في الايام والاشهر القادمة .


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