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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Moraaaaan ? Some Comedy Clips
Caution : Following Clips may contain Explicit Lyrics, Proceed at your own Risk !

i just love margaret Cho

Richard Pryor, The King of Standup Comedy

Who's on first, Really Classic Comedy

John Belushi ! too bad he died too young

Now the Dice Man ! i can tell why girls hate him heh !

more Dice Man

George Carlin, Simply a Genius heh

just love this scene from " Pulp Fiction"

Alright, Just CAAAAAALM Down

Robin Williams on Stage , love the Accent

Mr. Ali G, keep it Goin

Finally, Eddie Murphy, da Best

and delirious


most Clips are old, took me some time to find some, other funny clips i couldnt find online, hopefully i will find some more of my favorite Standup Acts soon.

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